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7th Day Adventist Cooking [05 Apr 2003|09:31pm]

Not that it makes any difference right now, but are my cookbooks still there? No hard feelings if you donated them to the hippies.

Good luck with your roommate search.
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[22 Mar 2003|04:32pm]

[ mood | awake ]

#1 pet peeve: Passive Agression!

Bulletin---We need a roomate! We live in Ravenna Park in N. Seattle. We are musician amd artist types. We are looking for one like minded nice individual.

Contact: Barry@206.523.9882

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Hey yo peoples [15 Mar 2003|11:36am]

I need to find one person to move into this house, Anybody? HELP - I have 6 days left... before we're screwed and i am in taiwan. Rent is $400
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[26 Dec 2002|11:09am]


Hey, Red house kids, I dropped off the bills on Friday and you've all had sufficient time to scruitine the allegedly, "Sketchy" bill, and come to realize that, indeed,... "yes" you DO owe the money. Those of you who've paid 30 to the first bill can deduct that amount from the bill... however, my initial calculations were not correct and I was short changing myself. As you can see, if you break the bill down per day per person, you all owe much more. I moved out on September 23, so I owe less. I'll be by very soon... i.e. today or tomorrow to pick up the cash... and if you dont pay today... thats it.

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[03 Sep 2002|10:33am]

Christina is going to bring home boxes... so tonight, things will be shifted, allowing the lad to move into the room.
Can someone freaking wash the dishes??? When I left, the house was clean, when I return, its like you all forgot how to use a trashcan. The kitchen is disgusting. Maybe Emory is the only male annoyed with this, (as I know he's clean), but DAMN!!! thats fucking nasty. Your filth has given my sister a rash... thats fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[25 Aug 2002|02:18pm]

Hey, yay!!! for washing the dishes...
Emory gets 4 gold stars!!!

okie doke...
Nate hath paid the bills... Christina hath paid the bills...
uh...??? Emory?????
am I going to have to remove your stars????????????
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Is it just me? [03 Aug 2002|02:48pm]

Or has anyone noticed how disgusting our house is getting? I mean, clearly, I'm not going to do anything to change it, nor should you, but DAMN! We're gross! Uh... accept for whoever is washing the dishes... thats pretty wicked awesome.
Hmmm.... so, yes... Adam will be moving in in October, and I suppose Barry is moving in in August.
I still haven't found a place, so I'm probably going to be living in my car parked out back. Please dont have me towed.
Its a hatchback ya know... comfy... oh yea.
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[09 Jul 2002|02:59pm]

I need money!!!!!!!!!
Christina owes me $water sewer trash and phone
Nate owes me $water sewer trash and no phone $2 credit
Micheal owes $water sewer trash
Emory has paid.... sweet Emory... benevolent Emory

and I think we need to pay Emory for something
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[05 Jul 2002|12:46pm]

Hey Bitches... There's going to be a party in da big red house and if you didn't already know that... than you're a piss ant

Can someone clean up pleassssssssssssssssssssee before I get home?
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y'all don't leave me hangin' [23 May 2002|02:28pm]

Hey there, I needed to pay the gas bill a couple of days ago, but i need your money.

CJ i need $12
Micheal i need $12
and tina you still owe me $25 for last time + $12. Whatever you can pay is cool, but I need to pay this soon!!!
Jen-E we cool, I owe you $50
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BE AWARE! [12 May 2002|01:47am]

Omg somebody totally tried to break into the house!!!!! they ran out when I got home so check to see if anything is missing... my stuff is all here...he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt!!!!! scary shit! I left after that because I was scared.... please please please lock the doors.
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lets all welcome a new friend [24 Apr 2002|10:01pm]

Yeah i'm talkin bout the new toilet. A guy came by today and tried to get the old one unclogged for 3 hours, then gave up. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! Pee Away!!!!!
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Electric and Water Sewer Trash [24 Apr 2002|12:34pm]

As far as Electric... I called today and that is taken care of....
Water Sewer Trash is fucked!!!!!
I had it changed to my name and its effective from April 20th. The remaining bill is not going to be charged to Marrianne... it will go to Read Property Management and they're going to be pissed. That is how the utilites do it. I spoke to them. They wouldn't even tell me how much it is, but I'm guessing its over 400.... so be prepared to make $100 payments each.
Oh, and I may be moving out in June.
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[24 Apr 2002|12:08pm]

hey guys! Just to let yall all know what's going on w/ the phone bill *since I've been working on it and have a better idea of what's going on*

we are pst du for feb ($45.57 - msn charges) and for mar ($283.28-$49.95 msn-$108.54 dsl activation-$31.95 dsl month2month= $92.79) Past due total is $138.36. I already gave Jen-E the money to pay it on her visa card...let's hope she gets it paid either today or tomorrow so our phone wouldn't get shut off.

The remaining $8.00 I will take care of next month. Our bill for next month is $63.56. Everyone just need to pay a measly $13.39 (I have to pay more since I order an additional line so mine is like $23.39 + the $8 = about $31.00. Tell you what, I will throw in $35 and Emory I will pay you the $25 for gas May 10th...I have no $$ from being sick all last week)

K, and I'm moving out kids, on the 28th. That's Monday. I would like to say living at this house has been a positive exprience but we all know that I would be lying. Its a good learning experience. I have come to appreciate laundry facility, working toilets, online acess, and even light in the bathroom a lot more now.

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PHONE BILL!! [24 Apr 2002|09:31am]

I just got off the phone with Qwest. I talked to them in detail about our bill and I had to pay $244.40 to keep our phone from getting shut off which means everyone owes me money. Tina gave me $130 to pay the bill but that means there is a $114.40 difference there... which divided by 4 is $28.60 from each of you... Please give this money as soon as possible because I hadn't expected to make such a large payment and now I have to make arrangements with our electricity.
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[12 Apr 2002|03:57pm]

K, got my paycheck 2day. Jen-E...would you mind calling qwest and pay w/ yer check card Monday? Its late and I want it paid ASAP. I'll give you $130 this weekend which should cover all past du and current charges minus the dsl crap. Next months bill should be coming any day now but its prob only going to be like $45 *minus all the dsl crap*

Emory, I have the other half of my gas bill for you $30, but the $25 I won't be able 2 afford til next pay day 4/26.
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[11 Apr 2002|10:19pm]

I changed the voicemail...not because I'm a control freak who wants free reign on phone control but because I applied a waitress job and is waiting for a call back. I don't want to frighten my future employer. Just just leave it the way it is for a few days, mucho gracias, and soon you guys can do whatever you want w/ it.
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[06 Apr 2002|06:46pm]

John Long will be moving back into his old room comes May 1st. I have already dropped by his work and confirmed it. He will contact Emory on any arrangements in reg. to his first/last month rent.

thank you
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[06 Apr 2002|12:58pm]

hey, I've decided since i owe everyone in bills and everyone owes me, I'm just going to pay the phone bill all together and Jen-E, you can cover me on Electricity and Emeroy I'll owe you in $30 some dollars for gas which I will pay you next Friday.
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life is grand. [06 Apr 2002|10:49am]

[ mood | happy ]

Emory rocks tha house.
Not only did he mop the kitchen floor.
But he got rid of the garbage on the back porch!...


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